Hi there! My name is Kay and my little shop is “The Sam & Ruby Show” located in Sanctuary of Stuff. I’ve been with Sharie Johnson (owner of SOS) for over 8 years – just love it there…it’s a happy place! I’ve never blogged before but Sharie asked if I would, so here it goes!

Since most of us are getting our gardens planted, I thought it would be a good time to talk about Sedums and Mosses. SOS carries wonderful, unique containers that would be absolutely perfect for sedum and moss – all shapes, all sizes, all prices.

Sedum and moss are so easy to grow……they both require good drainage, they both like to be kept moist (not soaked) and they are maintenance free (once they are established). Keep sedums in full sun. Keep woodland moss in shade.

Sedum can be pinched off and transplanted to create new plants. Easy Peasy.

Now I’m not saying I’m an expert…but this is what I have done for years and it works for me.

I have divided/transplanted sedums and mosses into SOS containers that are for sale at the shop. But, it is so fun to do it yourself! Find the perfect container at SOS, then add your own plants.

The pictures show SOS yard art and containers filled with sedums and mosses from last year. You will be amazed how quickly sedums grow so check out this year’s containers to fill your own OR if have no time or desire to plant your own…take home a planted one.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your time. I hope I didn’t bore you too death!

Kay Michael Kronen

The Sam & Ruby Show
Yard art tucked in here & there.
Sedum garden in iron stand I bought from SOS last year.
The vintage sinks just overflowing with sedums and herbs….from SOS.
Sedums will even grow in small shallow containers.
Pottery, tins, yard art become special filled with sedums.
Moss garden in tin and two hanging orbs adorned with preserved mosses to hang outdoors….in the shade, of course.